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10:24 p.m. - 2006-04-19
In which I am a rock for the ladies...
Okay, how come people turn to me to help them with their problems? I am rubbish at dealing with any kind of emotional stuff. The strangely stagnant yet messy state of my own 'personal life' should be testament enough to that. Yet still they come.
Trouble is that I'm not equipped to deal with any kind of emotional depth, COS I'M A BLOKE!

Blokes don't have emotions!
We don't understand what to do!
We can't hear about problems without wanting to solve them with violence or power tools!

Ladies, if you want to be friends with a bloke, keep your entire relationship afloat on talk of movies, music, books, art, science, history, beer, and tits. He will not understand anything to do with 'emotions'.



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