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12:28 a.m. - 2006-07-02
Misery scorns rubbish business opportunity
Supposed to be working on a mock-up website to try and flog some stuff, but here I am making a diary entry instead. Anything to avoid work.
No, not avoiding, just postponing.
A long time ago I used to draw cartoons and little sketches and stuff. I'd photocopy them and produce wee stapled booklets which I sold to friends and friends of friends for the price of one tin of catfood. This was about 13 years ago. One of my mates had such faith in the selling power of this shite that he fronted the money for a run of 100 t-shirts printed with one of my designs. Amazingly, he got them onto the racks at the local record stores, and even more amazingly, they all sold. And then......we did nothing.
So now, a million years later, he wants to do it again. Flog some of my crappy cartoons in some form. Maybe T-shirts again. Or cards. Or something.
So all I need to do is discover some kind of energy to get my lazy carcass into action.
More later, when I'm awake........................



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