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10:29 p.m. - 2006-09-06
Buying stuff feels good / Ghost story?
Nothing at all happened today, except I went and bought a new geet big fuck-off camera! I've worked a load of overtime to pay for the bastard, but it's actually dragged me back a bit in terms of what I can do. Y'see, me old compact had a decent optical zoom and macro down to about 2 inches. This new thing is a miles 'better' bit of kit, but long and macro lenses are going to set me back a few hundred sovs. So I'm going to have to grow into it, both technically and financially.

How boring was that? It's only because nothing really happened today, or for more days that I care to remember.

However, I owe someone a ghost story, so here it is. Being a sceptical sort, I'm not too happy with the idea of ghosts, and I'm not saying that this is an example of one, just an incident that I can not explain by any rational means. Are you sitting uncomfortably? Then we'll begin......

September 1985, and I've got a brand new mountain bike.
I was out riding the roads around home when I turned onto a road that was new to me. A short steep climb and then the road levelled out onto a wide plateau, above the village of Sacriston. A dead straight stretch of road for perhaps half a mile. It was a bright autumn day, and I was riding into a brisk headwind when I saw a red saloon car, maybe a Montego, parked ahead of me on my side of the road, facing away from me. The offside door was open, and I could see that there was someone sitting sideways in the driver's seat, with his feet on the road, reading a newspaper.
When I was within about 50 yards, the driver dropped his newspaper, lifted his feet into the car and closed the door. I assumed he was going to drive away. The sheets of the paper blew down the road towards me, and that's when I really began to take an interest in the vehicle. But when I drew level with the car and looked through the windows, there was no-one there. There was nowhere to hide in the car, so I thought that perhaps the 'driver' had ducked out of sight and gone out through the nearside door. I stopped a few feet ahead of the car and looked back. There was no-one in, near, or even underneath the vehicle.
I got the creeps, I went home. The End.



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