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9:05 p.m. - 2006-11-10
Rude words
Ran into my friend Margo yesterday, she's doing some fill-in work down in the lab. I haven't seen her in about three years or spoken to her in the last six months, but she's one of those people who you can just fall straight into conversation with as if you see them every day, so we went out for a sanity-preserving lunchtime stroll around the locality. Feeling much cheered, as I always do after talking to Margo.

Nothing much else going on. I've got an evil cold, the symptoms of which are quickly disappearing apart from a constant, irritating and non-productive cough. I think non-productive is what they call it when you aren't splarking out great chunks of phlegm? Phlegm - that's a horrible word isn't it? You'd probably say that's just because of the association with the substance, but I reckon it's a horrible word in its own right. Most of the proper scientific names for any bits of body stuff just sound awful, especially the rude bits. Sensitive readers cover your eyes as I talk of 'scrotum' and 'vagina', surely two of the ugliest words in the language. If you didn't know what they meant then you would surely imagine them as particularly nasty diseases, the sort of thing that 18th century mariners might have come down with.

Okay, I'm thinking too much again.

Mind you, I was thinking earlier today too. Why do you have to wash your hands after you've been to the bog? If you're a gentleman and the only thing you've touched during the course of your 'bathroom-break' is 'the old chap', then why are you expected to immediately scrub your hands to the bone with boiling water and carbolic soap? Is yer old friend really that filthy? And if so, then shouldn't you really lob him out into the sink and wash behind his ears as well? I suspect that this would raise an eyebrow or two among fellow visitors, but cleanliness seems to be so important......?

Anyway, I've still got this tickly barking cough, and I'm off to the Gala Theatre tomorrow to see Jeremy Hardy, so I'm going to be that annoying bastard spoiling the evening of all the people in about two dozen neighbouring seats. Good. I hate people :)



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