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7:50 p.m. - 2006-04-17
Small Day #2
Today started very small, with a hangover. Getting too old for the late night drinking carry-on. I wasn't even supposed to be out, but Joe rang & suggested a couple of jars.
So 1 a.m. finds us still there putting the world right, enjoying the benefits of a stoppy-back (lock-in, after-hours, whatever it's called in your neck of the woods when the licensee is a bit pissed & doesn't care about the rules).
Anyway, my inability to sleep anytime after 6.30 meant I had to get up and deal with feeling lousy. So here's my small day-

2 pints of water.
(a bit later) corn flakes.
hack down some garden shrubs.
watch 'Clerks' 'cos it's my hangover movie.
Go for a couple of hours walk through the woods.
Bowl of my own (superfuckindelicious) artichoke & carrot soup.
Have a bit of a tidy up.
Cut the lawn.
Read some Patrick Campbell.
Type this shit.

And that's the best bits.
Never mind, there's a few big days coming up, so I'm kind of enjoying the quiet times.

The King of fucking Tedium.



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