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10:39 p.m. - 2006-08-10
Ennui. Errors. Bug-watching misanthrope.
Uuurgh, ermm,,.. just trying to get this started. Hmm, haven't made a diary entry for ages. Lazy, lazy Bison. So what's happened today?

Right. I made a couple more fuck-ups at work, which actually happened way back in June, and they only just told me about them today. This means that for the past couple of months I've been having a double sample of my work checked by 'quality assurance' without me even knowing about it. Stressed?
Actually, I couldn't give a monkey's ringpiece what they're up to, but I have an uneasy feeling that I should be more bothered about it than I am. Thing is, the mistakes I've made are pretty unimportant, but I'm sure it should at least get to me a bit, and that having a fit of laughter during the wrist-slapping meeting didn't help my cause. But it's such a specialised job and needs such a ridiculously high level of concentration and attention to detail that everyone will miss some stuff.

The real problem is that I've been doing this for way too long and am totally stale. I could always handle it before, cos it's just a way to pay the bills etc., but now I find that this 'Groundhog Day' feeling (Wim Wenders was right, the Americans have colonised our subconscious) extends to my real life too. I've become lazy and resigned to the mundane lately. 'Lately' being a period of about two years, of course.

Okay, enough twisting. Let's have some more light hearted stuff. Yesterday lunchtime (dinnertime we call it here in the Norf of course), I went for a stroll with Julienne & Michael, both martial arts nutters and while they stopped to practise all sorts of exotic kick-arsery on each other I became distracted by watching a dragonfly hunting amongst the trees and missed Julienne falling on her arse in what what was apparently the comedy event of the week.
Am I becoming some kind of bug-chasing antisocial weirdo after all? (It was a spectacular dragonfly, though)

Be of good cheer :)



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