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11:06 p.m. - 2006-08-18
Amnesia. Laziness. Eyeball horror.
I was supposed to go somewhere to see some band last night. I got a call-

'Are you ready to go then?
We're going to see (still don't know who the fuck it was), remember?
In Newcastle. You said you were keen.

Anyway, I didn't go. Oh no, not me. Why didn't I go? Because I was lounging around the home like an enormous lazy bastard. So how did my entertaining evening play? I ate an enormous dish of roast veg & beans, and watched an episode of 'House', which nearly made me vom my scran, because it featured an ultra-realistic shot of some surgical needles penetrating AN EYEBALL!!! I've got a real horror of anything to do with eyes.
And that was it! Surely well worth avoiding that night out drinking and socialising. Ah, shite.



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